Mar. 24th, 2010

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I just posted this to craigslist:

Can't see the back of your own head, but you really want that mohawk?

Manic Panic is awesome, but you can't make it last?

What I have to offer you: A really good pair of clippers, the ability to mow a straight line, and 20 years of experience with 'hawks, chelseas, and multicolored hair that only Cyndi Lauper's mother could love. The location of every Sally's within 10 miles of my house. Nitrile gloves!

What I do not have: the hours to work in a salon, or a lot of experience with hairstyles that don't involve the phrase "mowing a straight line."

You pay for materials, I provide the experience in using them, and if you're not sure what to get I can help get you started. Willing to work for sushi, CDs, or leftover Manic Panic. Sure, you could go to the salon that's advertising $25 for up to 5 "pink, purple or blue" streaks, but they're going to think you're a freak anyway. Come to someone who thinks that's a good thing!

You must be over 18 or have mom and dad's permission, sorry. I'm not taking the flak- if you're defying them, read some DIY on the internet and experiment, how do you think I learned?

Worst case, placing the ad was free. Best case, I get free sushi and one more punk in the world.


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