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Oh, hey, I totally failed to post pics of the rainbow mohawk in all its glory. It only took me a week of trying to figure out how to track down all the colors to realize that I could, say, MAKE orange by combining red and yellow. Duh. (And thanks, Mrs. Grinnan!*)

It was a hit at my git of a cousin-in-law's git bridal shower, then it was kept thoroughly under wraps while I was at a hotel filled with German engineers, then faded to assy salmon and various other quasi-blonde shades whilst forming into hippielocks and dyed smurf blue as the quickest hiding non-permanent color... hi, apparently storing up the urge to dye my hair for two years is a bad idea?

Then it was magenta and black to match my dress for the git wedding for the abovementioned git cousin-in-law, then Draco Malfoy lookalike white-blonde, then the sunset ombre pixie, then I intended to grow a hot pink mohawk out into a bubblegum pink faux-hawk, but my spouse has a totally irrational dislike of mohawks... He likes fauxhawks; despite explaining a thousand times that the way my hair grows the way to get a cute fauxhawk is to take the sides down to a #2 or #3** and let them go for a month, he is convinced that every mohawk is the end of the world. So at his probably-regrettable daring, I went bald and grew it out natural and untoasted.

That lasted until the third or fourth round of "Wow, mom, you have a LOT of grey hair!" White as a base for bubblegum pink, which dammit never comes out strong enough, and currently coppery brownish emergency normal because I expect a funeral in the next month and don't want to deal with it.

So if you're not exhausted yet just reading, I've hit the point where just one color, no matter how neon-ly delicious, is *yawn* old hat. I am tired of the myriad shades of brownish reddish purplish pinkish, the blues and greens are sadly unflattering (and include blue-black in that, too, so I can't even go for lazy goth) and just... meh.

I have already climbed that peak, bring me a higher one dammit!

Thoughts, in random order of likeliness:
  • Designs cut into side of head. Pro: nifty! Con: have to pay someone to do this for me.
  • Stencils, to do MP/two or 3 color designs. Pro: AWESOME Con: Hair has to be short, requires frequent upkeep.
  • Variations on multicolored mohawk-with-longer-sides. Pro: my favorite hairstyle. Con: would require actual patience to get my hair long enough. Preferably without frying it.
  • Structural hair- liberty spikes, etc. Pro: new and different! Con: ...with what hair, yet? mine is 3/4" long.
  • Screw it, lazy goth sleek black pixie and let it get juuuuuust long enough to tousle on occasion. Pro: Half a bottle of dye every 6 weeks is cheap enough. Con: Wrong color pale skin and round face :(

God, I wish I could dye it plaid.

*My grammar school art teacher.
**Conveniently, this is also about the length that my roots are when I get annoyed with the current color, so I wind up with all brown sides.
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