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Went out for ice cream this evening (ok, italian ice. Dairy intolerance is back, whee.) and walked past two girls, maybe 14 or 15, and a woman I presume was mom to at least one of them. Current 'do is a sunset ombre pixie, neon pink to neon orange. Said girls actually stopped their inane conversation to stare then laugh out loud.

Now, it's a wee bit garish- forgot that the current stock of pink and orange are both blacklight colors, and it's fresh, so it actively BEAMS hot pinkness in the sunlight. Last night down at the beach, I got the stinkeye from several elderly couples, but at least that generation has the goddamn MANNERS to give the stinkeye quietly.

The urge was to turn around and deliver a lesson on manners- to wit, "I might be a weirdo, but at least someone taught me it's not polite to stare, point and laugh"- followed by a stout bitchslap to the pair of them. Sadly, I got the sense that Mommy would probably have a lawyer on speed dial, so I just cocked an eyebrow and went in to enjoy my root beer ice without a word.

I'm good at the snappy answers to stupid questions ("Did you know your hair is purple? Did you do that on purpose?") but I'm out of practice at dropping catty little 15 year olds in their tracks. Well, without punching them, anyway, which is still not entirely off the table. :P

Anybody have good comebacks to share?


Date: 2011-09-11 05:27 pm (UTC)
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i had to "break bad" on a twirp about 6 yrs ago when i moved to this God forsaken place. he was prolly about 14/15. i told him i had more scars on my pinky than he had on his whole lilly white body & some1 shouldve given him a proper beating long ago but i was happy to oblige at that time. he just kinda looked at me like i was crazy. mission accomplished. LOL
my problem now is i gained so much weight since quitting EVERYTHING 7 yrs ago that im losing my own confidence but i have to maintain some sort of dignity cuz i do hair & i want the rejects to know they can come to 1 of the originals to do them right. quite the challenge.


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